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Filleting Gloves

Toptrout |  Filleting Gloves

Filleting Gloves

Filleting Gloves make it easier and safer to fillet fish. They grip the fish better to stop everything sliding around and are made from modern cut resistant materials that will stop you from accidentally slicing through your finger.
Lureflash Storm Filleting GloveLureflash Storm Filleting Glove

A good, strong, cut-resistant filleting glove that comes in one size only. The Lureflash Filleting Glove is a 'Large' size so will stretch to fit an XL hand or sit slightly loosely on a Medium.

Our Price: 11.99       Lureflash Storm Filleting Glove details

Spectra Filleting GloveSpectra Filleting Glove

This filleting glove could be called a miracle of modern materials. The gloves are made from Spectra, a new and incredibly strong material that, weight for weight, is ten times stronger than steel and has ...

Our Price: 12.95       Spectra Filleting Glove details

Intruder Inc Filleting GloveIntruder Inc Filleting Glove

No worry filleting with even the sharpest of knives. This filleting glove takes the comfort and flexibility of modern materials and adds a core of stainless steel for outstanding cut resistance. It's non-skid surface gives ...

Our Price: 14.95       Intruder Inc Filleting Glove details

Toptrout |  Filleting Gloves

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