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We are open as usual with most oders being despatched the same day.

Please note: More Freezer bags stock are due late October.

Berkley Flex Filleting Knives

Berkley Flex Filleting Knives

Berkley Flex Filleting Knives

Filleting knives for the 21st century. These are the best performing, most advanced filleting knives ideal for the skilled anger or those who like the best in life.

The Berkley Tec Flex filleting knives feature:

- A choice of blade sizes and flexibility
- Stainless steel blades, passivation treated for corrosion resistance and effortless slicing
- Cryogenically treated blades to hold a sharper edge for longer
- Soft oversized grip for a more secure grip, even when wet
- includes self draining sheath with built in sharpening stone