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Filleting Knives

Toptrout |  Filleting Knives

Filleting Knives

A good, sharp filleting knife makes the job of filleting fish quicker, easier and safer. In our opinion, every trout fisherman should have a proper filleting knife and they needn't cost that much, as you'll see below.

We have probably the widest selection of filleting knives you'll find anywhere, starting at only £4.99. If you can't find what you want then let us know and we'll see what we can do to help.

Please Note:
Under UK law you must be 18 or over to purchase any of these filleting knives. Click here for details.
Tsunami Filleting KnifeTsunami Filleting Knife

The Tsunami Filleting Knife from Jarvis Walker has a high quality, razor sharp stainless steel blade and a comfortable rubber handle. A great filleting knife at a budget price.

Our Price: 4.99       Tsunami Filleting Knife details

Floating Filleting KnifeFloating Filleting Knife

The perfect filleting knife for sea fishing. The TecTools Floating Filleting Knife from Jarvis Walker has a hollow cavity in the handle so it'll float if it falls in the water and the strong 6" flexible ...

Our Price: 4.99       Floating Filleting Knife details

TecTools Filleting KnifeTecTools Filleting Knife

This is a very nice filleting knife from Jarvis Walker and a bit of a bargain. This knife has a very sharp, high quality, flexible blade and a nice contoured rubber handle for a secure grip. ...

Our Price: 4.99       TecTools Filleting Knife details

Filleting Knife with Hone StoneFilleting Knife with Hone Stone

A simple 7" filleting knife complete with a honing stone and sharpening instructions. This filleting knife has a flexible stainless steel blade and a contoured handle and comes complete with a plastic sheath. The Filleting ...

Our Price: 5.99       Filleting Knife with Hone Stone details

Snowbee 7Snowbee 7" Filleting Knife

A good quality 7" filleting knife from Snowbee. This filleting knife has a high grade stainless steel blade and a rugged 'ribbed' polypropylene handle to provide a secure grip even when wet. {Details} The Snowbee ...

Our Price: 6.95       Snowbee 7" Filleting Knife details

Snowbee Folding Filleting KnifeSnowbee Folding Filleting Knife

This a great Folding Filleting Knife from Snowbee. It has a high quality 6" blade, a rubber handle and a fold out descaler and kidney blood removal tool. All you need for filleting when out and ...

Our Price: 7.95       Snowbee Folding Filleting Knife details

Pro Series Filleting KnivesPro Series Filleting Knives

The Pro Series of Filleting Knives from Jarvis Walker have high quality stainless steel blades and a comfortable rubber handle. The come in both 6" and 7" versions and come complete with a fabric sheath for ...

Our Price: 7.99       Pro Series Filleting Knives details

Gerber Gator Filleting KnivesGerber Gator Filleting Knives

These are nice filleting knives from Gerber. The soft Kraton rubber handles provide a secure grip while the ceramic sharpener in the composite sheath means you should never suffer from a blunt blade again. These ...

Our Price: 14.25       Gerber Gator Filleting Knives details

Marttiini Basic Filleting KnivesMarttiini Basic Filleting Knives

The Marttiini Basic Filleting Knife is a good basic filleting knife from Marttiini that combines the great INOX stainless steel blade with a very practical, finely textured plastic handle that provides a good solid grip. The ...

Our Price: 13.95       Marttiini Basic Filleting Knives details

Snowbee Prestige Filleting KnifeSnowbee Prestige Filleting Knife

A top notch filleting knife from Snowbee. This knife has a thin, flexible 7" stainless steel blade with a full length tang and distinctive pakka wood handle. The Snowbee 7" Prestige Filleting Knife features: ...

Our Price: 14.95       Snowbee Prestige Filleting Knife details

Marttiini Condor Filleting KnivesMarttiini Condor Filleting Knives

The Marttiini Condor Filleting Knife is a really good filleting knife from Marttiini that combines the great INOX stainless steel blade with a very practical, finely textured rubber handle that provides a great grip. The black, ...

Our Price: 18.95       Marttiini Condor Filleting Knives details

Marttiini Classic Filleting KnivesMarttiini Classic Filleting Knives

The Classic Filleting Knife from Marttiini is the world reknowned design on which Marttiini built their reputation. With the classic varnished birch handle and INOX stainless steel blade this filleting knife combines great performance with a ...

Our Price: 23.95       Marttiini Classic Filleting Knives details

Marttiini Classic Superflex Filleting KnivesMarttiini Classic Superflex Filleting Knives

This is the Superflex version of the Classic Filleting Knife from Marttiini. The INOX blade in the Superflex filleting knives is designed to be more flexible, making it easy for the filleting knife to follow the ...

Our Price: 26.95       Marttiini Classic Superflex Filleting Knives details

Berkley Flex Filleting KnivesBerkley Flex Filleting Knives

Filleting knives for the 21st century. These are the best performing, most advanced filleting knives ideal for the skilled anger or those who like the best in life. The Berkley Tec Flex filleting knives feature: ...

Our Price: 26.99       Berkley Flex Filleting Knives details

Toptrout |  Filleting Knives

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